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Bike Rodeo



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On April 17th Basalt Recreation Department and the Basalt Police Department held a Bike Rodeo for Elementary Students who were out of school for the day. We set up a course to teach bicyclists how to properly signal a turn or stop, how to avoid obstacles in the road, what to do when chased by a dog and basic agility tests. Basalt Ambulance and Rural Fire Protection District had vehicles to tour as well as the Basalt Police Department. Aspen Valley Hospital provided helmet fittings and free helmets to cyclists without them or with inadequate ones.



A young bicyclist manuevers through the cones.

Smile when you go through that round-about.


Mary helps with helmet fittings and gives away free ones courtesy of the Aspen Valley Hospital.

ReRe explains how to protect bicyclists from attacking dogs.


Halsey from Ajax Bike and Sports did a safety check on the bikes for everyone.

Chief of Police, Keith Ikeda explains what to do at stop signs.


The radar gun was the hit of the day as bicyclists and runners alike wanted to check out just how fast they can go, go, go!